Working from home

Working from home can be a true blessing. There are so many real and tangible benefits to working remotely. But there are however a few serious problems that you can overcome easily with a little planning.
We are actually using our PC’s more when working from home as the need to communicate using video platforms like zoom & other similar technologies, which brings potential health issues with Blue Light from all smart technology & any PC screen, however, we already have the technology to protect ourselves like blue light glasses or screen protectors.
The other dangers are from EMF (Electromagnetic fields) from all wireless technology, where although some technology is available it’s more about being aware and following simple steps to mitigate these issues.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home may have seemed like a perk that freelancers got to do not everyone. Now, many more full-time employees have experienced working remotely due to employer-mandated safety requirements.

If you recently joined the ranks of virtual staff due to the pandemic, your visions of the remote-working life may have been dashed by reality. Working from home may sound like an ideal situation, if you’ve imagined simply rolling out of bed and arriving at your home office in moments, without the hassles of first making yourself presentable and then commuting to a workplace with a boss and colleagues who may drive you crazy.

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