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      Revolutionise Your Organisation’s Safety and Compliance

      Visitor Management Systems

      Introduction to our Visitor/Contractor Solutions

      Today’s businesses face the challenge of balancing safety, compliance, and smooth operations. For those juggling visitors, contractors, and staff, this is even more crucial. Enter our state-of-the-art Visitor Management System. Designed to work in sync with access controls, it’s your go-to for dependable emergency evacuation reports. Whether you’re looking for simple site registration or diving into advanced features like iVisitor and iContractor, we’ve got the perfect match. Plus, with biometric log-ins, tailor-made branding, and thorough reporting, your workplace is set to be safer and smarter.

      Benefits of our Visitor/Contractor Systems:

      • Ultimate Safety and Security Assurance
      • Efficient Human Resource Management
      • Central Database for Emergencies
      • 100% Site Personnel Visibility
      • First Impression Customer Experience
      • Timestamped Actions in a Central Database

      In Summary:

      Upgrade your visitor, contractor, and staff management with our Visitor Management System. Not only does it make safety and compliance seamless, but it also amps up your building’s security, safeguarding everyone inside. Let us boost your business’s safety quotient and help it shine in today’s compliance-driven landscape.