Total Personnel Register Pro/Lite

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iVisitor - Reporting
Visitor/Contractor Pre-Qualification

For nearly two decades our Total Personnel Register (TPR Lite/Pro) has been and remains the leading Safety and Security register systems in the market.   With our advanced registration management system, you are ensured that you meet all the safety and security requirements as well as H & S Regulations for your company while providing a complete register of all the key workflow of employees within the site such as attendance, shift schedules and total amount of time one has spent within the premises of the building establishment.

Our unique suite of modular systems that can start with a simple Visitor, Contractor & Staff register to a complete integrated solution including high level evacuation procedure driven Smart Tablet/iPad or Windows applications that can offer a LIVE picture of who is safe or not and also helps the Fire Marshal to follow procedure to ensure the best possible chance of getting everyone safe in an emergency. 

Our pioneering approach of integrating the latest powerful safety and security tools like using UAV (Drones) for safety and security has enabled us to dramatically reduce risk and potentially save lives using LIVE data for applications like our ‘iMuster’ Fire Marshals go to application ensuring everyone is safe and all procedures are met in an emergency situation.

Product Features

  • Visitor and Contractor Registration
  • Real-time Data Collection and Anomaly Report
  • Staff Registration and reporting
  • Biometric Clocking-In Systems
  • IMuster Integration which is essential to Fire Marshalls in cases of fire and other emergencies wherein it has the power to determine whether everyone is already safe or if there are still people trapped on the site
  • Fully Customisable Branding for all applications which include any customers facing kiosk screens or automated emails with your logo
  • Time and Attendance Record
  • Pupil Registration and reporting

Key Benefits

  • Ultimate Safety and Security Assurance for the entirety of a site
  • More efficient and more organised human resource management
  • LIVE central data point for emergencies
  • Meet critical H&S regulation standards
  • Safer Management of Emergency situations like fires, gas leaks, etc. making sure the whole site is clear having all the personnel safely evacuated
  • Integration to access control systems and CCTV
  • 100% list of who is on site at any one time
  • Best First Impression Customer Experience
  • Single Central database that time stamps every action

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