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Biometric Access control is a solution which is absolutely required in all fields and scales as a basic element of security. From research institutes, data centers and secure areas to factories, apartments, offices, construction sites, hospitals, schools and banks, it is widely used at places that are trying to physically protect property or information from unauthorised people. Our access control solution is a biometrics-based system, providing greatly improved security than the access control solutions that use RF card only. It is the most ideal solution equipped with all features that a user needs such as easy user management, a various zone management, elevator management or real-time monitoring.

We aim to work with the best technology with our Biometric Time and Attendance Systems manufacturers, which helps us provide the best intergrated possiblities to our customers. The hardware combines a new powerful processor, next generation optical sensor and improved fingerprint sensing & capturing algorithm to offer unrivaled performance. Our biometric devices provide users with instant authentication and rapid data transfer to manage high volume data with ease. It is ideal for applications that require versatility without compromise in style and perform.

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Biometric Access Control

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