iContractor - Total Contractor Management

iContractor enables a site manager to have total control of every stage of managing contractors even before visiting the site, saving valuable time & ensures the contractors have the required qualifications & experience to meet the task & site H&S regulations. 

How it works…

Site managers simply selects either known or enter new contractors on our web-based iContractor application, which sends an email link to a configurable set of questions & requests the upload of relevant copies of qualifications & any other required documentation. Once all contractors have completed the questionnaire the site manager can choose which contractor is most suitable for the required task.

Site-specific inductions can be completed either online or upon arrival at the site, saving time by replacing traditional paper-based systems. Once a contractor or visitor has watched the induction video, they are required to answer a set of configurable questions correctly.

The final stage before the contractor can work on-site is the review of site risk assessments, method statements, permits to work, & other necessary H&S procedures. (All stages are automatically date/time stamped & held in our main Total Personnel Registration system.

Contractor Process
Conctactor Induction
TPR Pro - Contractor book in and Out
Contractor Book In/Out

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