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iContractor is a suite of applications that enables a site manager to have total control of every stage of managing the contractors before visiting the site, saving valuable time and ensures the contractor has all qualifications and all other documentation required by the site and to meet H&S regulations.  

How it works

The first stage of engaging a new contractor starts with using our online pre-qualification module that enables the site manager to assess all provided information ensuring that contractors are legally and capable to complete the required task.

The next stage is the site-specific inductions, which can be completed either online or upon arrival at the site, again saving time and replacing traditional paper-based systems. Our web-based induction software eases up this process with its instructive videos. These videos can be anything from an existing H&S video to a personalized company-branded induction video. Once a contractor or visitor has watched the video, they are required to answer a set of configurable questions correctly. Utilizing this software ensures that contractors on site are well informed of all site rules while saving time and giving you access to a complete audit trail.

Our induction module allows a different set of configurable induction questions to be sent to a visitor as they do not necessarily require all the site qualifications as a contractor, also visitors are invariably escorted by the site manager or other authorized personnel.

The final stage before the contractor can work on-site is the review of site risk assessments, method statements, permits to work, and other necessary H&S procedures. (All stages are automatically date/time stamped and held in our main Total Personnel Registration system (TPR Pro). Once the contractor has passed all the above stages they are automatically sent a 2D barcode to their mobile, which they will scan at the wall-mounted touchscreen PC that produces a site pass, which is also produced when a visitor arrives. The pass clearly shows if they are a visitor or a contractor, so anyone seeing a visitor without an escort will be questioned by any site personnel who may need to return the visitor to the site manager.

Additional features of iContractor include hazard reporting and key/asset management (Asset Management), and muster reporting (iMuster). In conclusion

Our suite of software modules the ease of managing and reporting that means that your organization is totally covered in any potential site incident, where any inspection could require proof that the contractor had the correct qualifications for the task and was following approved protocols.

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