ACS Reseller Program…

We’re committed to your success.

The ACS Reseller Program provides everything you need to ensure success of your Safety & Security business.

Our program enables our resellers to maximise their profits by selling our Safety & Security Solutions using their own branding and marketing channels.

ACS have moved to a reseller model business to enable our suite of software solutions to help companies offering Safety and Security Systems with full integration to maximise the offering, which we’ve found gave us the edge on any competition.

We already have some resellers, however, we are looking to cover the UK and Ireland before starting work on other countries. Thus, we believe that every market and business requires a personal approach that helps in adapting our solutions to cater to different industries and sectors with the full branding of any of our software IP.

This means you can prepare for a demo using potential customers branding logo’s software background colours & any banners. This preparation gives the potential customer with a great “First Impression Customer experience”.

Please feel free to contact for a full demonstration.



High-Quality Products

ACS Safety & Security Ltd. places special importance on product quality that has been proven effective to many customers over the years.

Unrivalled High-Profit Margins

Unrivalled high-profit margins are clearly detailed in our reseller price list along with the RRP! The most important part of selling our solutions is the recurring revenue streams from consumables and annual maintenance that grows exponentially year by year!

Product Adaptibility

All applications can be customized to fit the branding themes and colors of potential customers.


Amazing Support & Training

We are dedicated to the success of our resellers hence after-sales support is given along with all the necessary information on all our safety and security products.


Flexible Branding Options

Resellers can redistribute our solutions as their own in their product portfolio using their own branding.


Reseller Promotion Benefits

Increase your brand exposure as your company logo and links are displayed in a notable place on our website.

If you would like more information to become an ACS reseller or distributor, please do get in touch by clicking the link below. Our team will contact you to arrange a remote demonstration or visit by one of our project managers.