COVID-19 Safety

Mitigate Dangers of potential exposure

Returning to work systems by ACS

ACS hae introduced a special thermal imaging device that is an embedded authentication device based on Andriod system, which supports the function of face temperature measurement. It can quickly and accurately test the temperature of human body, and alarm when the temperature is too high. Mainly used in office building,examination halls, railways, banks, building industries, hotels and other places where need identification.

How to mitigate effects of COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Stay at home if you have respiratory symptoms or a temperature
  • Leave work immediately if above symptoms develop
  • Shield coughs and sneezes with a tissue, elbow or shoulder
  • Wash hands often especially after handling shared items
  • Keep a bottle of sanitiser at your desk / workplace
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • Avoid touching surfaces with bare hands
  • Sanitise your workplace
  • Be smart, calm and consistent

Back to Work Strategies

  • Office/Building Deep Clean
  • Replace building door exit buttons with Non Touch Infrared type
  • Use ACS Thermal cameras to test face temperature
  • ACS Fit to Work Questionnaire for Staff
  • ACS Pre-Visit Checklists for Visitors/Contractors
  • ACS Safe Reception Module