COVID-19 Safety at work

How to mitigate impacts of COVID-19 in the workplace

Mitigatting Covid-19 In the workplace

Getting People Back To Work During COVID-19 Temperature Sensing Biometric Readers with Face Mask Detection This will help you to understand what you should do to work safely and protect people.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has presented a challenge to communities & businesses. The use of Electronic Access Control has become more than a means to prevent criminal activity. It’s now appearing as a key tool for businesses by managing occupancy levels to ensure social distancing & to enhance customer experience by giving customers appointments with a QR code, allowing hands-free entrance By proving other hands-free devices such as touch-free exit buttons, Bluetooth readers, QR code readers. As we start actively planning to open our places of work safely, ACS is providing our customers with smart and reliable strategies to help create a safer environment for staff and visitors.

We have readers now that will detect that the temperature of an individual is below a threshold before the system grants access. The reader will also check any combination of facial recognition, palm biometric scan, or even a traditional card (with a reader). The device can also check whether the person is wearing a mask before letting them enter

Thermal Imaging biometric device.
biometric access control
Thermal Imaging biometric device Turnstyles

How to mitigate impacts of COVID-19 in the workplace

COVID-19 Safety

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