Web based Visitor Pre-Book module - Reduce admin and improve efficiently.

iVisitor is a management application that keeps track of visitors or contractors in establishments or sites even before they arrive. It renders the best possible “First Impression Customer Experience” for any company, organisation, or educational sector as it provides updates of site events, rules to visitors and guests, and even email notification in the pre-booking process.Other than its accurate monitoring and recording visitor information, and it can independently work as a replacement for an office receptionist that reduce the use of paper-pen work giving you practical convenience and with our basic system, you can instantly print a list of all visitors or contractors into a pass printer that can be used right away!Our Pro version enables a very powerful system that synchronizes with our iMuster application that directs fire marshals and rescuers through all the safety site evacuation processes.


Product Features

Pre-book Visitor management system

Key Benefits

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