iVisitor - Web based Visitor Pre-Book Module


Web based Visitor Pre-Book module - Reduce admin and improve efficiently.

iVisitor offers an easy to use this application quickly and easily pre book any Visitors/Contractors into your building prior to their arrival.

Not only it provides accurate records of visitors history but also it renders the best possible “First Impression Customer Experience” for any company, organisation or educational sector.

iVisitor logs them onto our main application, so in a site evacuation the visitor/contracts and staff. 

Our basic system simply prints a list of all Visitor/Contractors on the same pass printer. (Instant print!)

Our Pro version enables a very power system that’s synchronised with our iMuster application, which manages the Fire Marshal through all processes in regards a site evacuation.

Practicality is also achieved as this can independently work as a replacement for an office receptionist in your lobby.

Product Features

  • Recording and configurable reports of all staff/personnel, contractors and visitors
  • Fast and easy printing of ID passes with barcode for quick scan check in/out
  • Visitor pre-book feature for upcoming large events followed by emailed ePasses with site information/rules to visitors/guests
  • Email notifications for host upon guest arrival
  • "Visitouch" touch screen kiosk for visitor self check in
  • Fully customisable to fit any company including full branding
Pre-book Visitor management system

Key Benefits

  • A reliable and auditable history of all visitors of any given time
  • Reliable and professional way of managing visitors
  • Real-time muster of everyone present on site
  • Organized and impressive way of welcoming guests
  • Reduction of operational cost from less need of extra personnel in the reception administration
  • Faster and more accurate visitor registration using barcode readers and biometrics

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