Integrated Access Control


Our integration with Vanderbilt products allow end-users to perform anything from simple denial of door entry to controlled lock down in an emergency and automated protection of lone workers. Vanderbilt unifies sectors and has developed the world’s first truly integrated Cloud-based access control and VMS available to installers on an ‘as-a-service’ model that creates recurring revenue. From simple door readers to enterprise-wide monitoring of movement and behavior, we have the right credentials technology whatever the size or complexity of a site.

The integration mean our iMuster has a true picture of who is in the building or on-site at any point in time. It’s simply the most comprehensive solution that provides complete necessary information for any safety and security situation, where evacuations are required.

This is a very powerful tool for any Fire Marshal & H&S Team as it can provide a “Bird’s Eye View” of any emergency scenario. Thus, making it easier to handle these sensitive situations in the safest way possible.

How we integrate:

Just like all the ACS applications, this is applicable for any type of business and establishments regardless of which sector it may be from.

Not only does this provides a complete list of who is on site at a particular time, but it records everything that occurs with time stamps for later analysis. This data is vital to the site to help by removing any bottlenecks by installing extra emergency doors or better signage, for the quicker and more effective evacuation procedures