Muster Reporting and Fire Evacuation System

Keeping people safe and facilities protected is a top priority for every organisation. Knowing where your people are always can be the difference between life and death in some situations. In an emergency, it is vital to know who or what has or has not left an area. The ability to track multiple people, at speed in a mass evacuation can prevent injuries and loss.

iMuster is a powerful solution that provides advanced real-time muster reporting with a complete live view of all personnel ensuring that everyone is accounted for in case of fire or site evacuation. iMuster is an essential software module from our Total Personnel Registration application. (Click here…TPR) meeting the H&S Regulation standards makes this application a powerful tool for helping save lives and reducing hazards, aiding our fire marshals and rescuers in any evacuation and emergencies.



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Muster Reporting Fire Evacuation System!

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