iMuster - Muster Reporting
Fire Evacuation System

iMuster is a powerful solution which provides advanced muster reporting for any safety and security situation, where evacuations are required.

An essential software module from our Total Personnel Registration System (TPR Pro). iMuster is a very powerful software to aid any Fire Marshal &/or H&S Team as it can, among other features, provide real time muster reporting during an emergency situation. Thus, making it easier to handle these sensitive situations in the safest way possible.

Live Muster Reporting

Much like all of our products, iMuster can be utilised within any type of business and establishments regardless of which sector you may be within.

Not only does this provides a complete list of who is on site at a particular time, but it records everything that occurs with time stamps for later analysis. This data is vital to the site to help by removing any bottlenecks by installing extra emergency doors or better signage, for the quicker and more effective fire evacuation procedures.

Product Features

  • Efficiently activates as soon as fire alarm is triggered
  • Keeps records of who is on the site as well as activities within the site (muster reporting)
  • Can be run using any mobile device i.e. phone/tablet
  • Saves images from live CCTV feeds as well as videos coming from UAV drones
  • Accurate and real-time recording as this functions independently not relying on connecting to any networks when in muster mode.

Key Benefits

  • Everyone is documented on the site whether they're staff, visitors or contractors
  • Fire marshalls are helped to follow procedures and be able to take notes and photos and see LIVE VIDEO feed from deployable UAV Drones
  • Crucial data are kept through reports covering everything that has happened in an emergency situation
  • Companies get to have an opportunity for site improvements like additional fire exits to have a safer working environment and effective evacuation procedures during emergencies
iMuster with LIVE UAV Drone footage...
Fire evacuation procedure
iMuster with LIVE UAV Drone footage...
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iMuster - Muster Reporting Fire Evacuation System!

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