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      iMuster Emergency Evacuation System

      Introducing iMuster: Your Complete Procedure-Driven Software Application for Smart devices.

      Experience the power of iMuster, our cutting-edge Emergency Mustering software solution meticulously crafted to address business emergency scenarios. Designed to provide unwavering support during critical moments, iMuster empowers designated safety officers with a streamlined, real-time tool accessible through Windows tablets or laptops. Whether it’s safety drills or urgent evacuations, iMuster ensures swift roll calls, enhancing your emergency preparedness.

      Why Choose iMuster?

      • Seamless Functionality: Our software runs flawlessly on Windows tablets and laptops, offering a user-friendly interface for designated safety officers.
      • Real-Time Updates: Stay up-to-date with accurate information during safety drills and emergency evacuations.
      • Affordable Solution: iMuster offers an economical electronic mustering option, ideal for businesses of all sizes.
      • Customization at its Best: Tailor iMuster to align perfectly with your business requirements.

      Key Features:

      • Integration with CCTV and UAV Drone Feeds: Link directly to site CCTV and UAV Drone feeds, ensuring comprehensive visibility during emergency situations.
      • Comprehensive Reports: Generate detailed reports complete with time stamps for each stage of the process, providing a comprehensive overview.
      • Efficient Timing: Track the time from the initiation of emergency evacuation to the ‘all clear’ stage, aiding in post-event analysis.

      iMuster empowers your business with a versatile and powerful solution that transforms the way you approach emergency preparedness. Discover the future of mustering software today!