subcontractor assessment checklist
TPR Pro - Contractor book in and Out
TPR Pro - Contractor book in and Out

speeding up your subcontractor assessment checklist

The iContractor induction module enables any site manager to pre qualify new contractors prior to them arriving on site. This powerful software helps many of our existing customers save valuable time with their pre subcontractor assessment checklist whilst ensuring the contractors are legally fit and capable to complete the required task.

Imagine, your sub/contractors arriving on site having already competed site questions and having attached the relevant work permits. 

Once a contractor arrives on site they simply scan the 2D barcode they received after completing the pre requisites. By scanning the barcode, the system then sends a message to the site manager/host who can then meet and take the contractor through the induction process if necessary. 

The entirety of this program is fully customisable to suit every specific need that a site would require.

The combination of our contractor modules will dramatically reduce the processing time, at the same time ensuring the site has every step documented with time-stamped records on our main TPR Pro for every contractor.

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