iInduction - Automated Induction Application.


Our iInduction web based site induction software eases up this process with its instructive videos. These videos can be anything from an existing health and safety video, to a personalised company branded induction video. Utilising this software ensures that contractors on site are well informed to all site rules while saving time and giving you access to a complete audit trail.

Site inductions may also be necessary for people visiting the site who might not necessarily be considered ‘workers’. Site inductions should be proportionate to the nature of the visit; escorted visitors need not have the level of detail that unescorted visitors should have.

It is important that this is not just a box-ticking exercise, but that it is given suitable time and priority, and is prepared specifically for the project in question, rather than following a pre-prepared generic format. It should highlight any particular risks and control messages that those working on, or visiting the project need to know about. Information should be clear and tailored to the audience. A record of the information and attendees should be kept, and ideally, some form of recorded assessment and declaration should be carried out to ensure that attendees have understood what they have been told.

Automated Induction Application!

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