Cyber-attacks have and can affect millions of consumers’ services, undermine customer trust, and damage service providers’ brands and reputations, therefore addressing security vulnerabilities is a significant issue for service providers in the connectivity sector. Service providers must implement a structured approach to vulnerability management in order to meet the necessary security objectives. The act of identifying, analysing, remediating, and mitigating security flaws for recognised assets is known as vulnerability management. This method enables service providers to evaluate the status and risk of untested hardware and software.

The increase in automation in IoT, industrial system networking and digitalisation increases the risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure sites, in particular, and appropriate preventive measures are essential. To fully defend industrial facilities from internal and external cyberattacks, a strategy to address all levels simultaneously, from the operational to the field level and from access control is necessary.

ACS provide the majority of physical security systems that manage Visitors, Contractors, and Staff by typically using biometrics for access control, NDAA-certified CCTV systems to monitor and record activities on a site and sophisticated in-house developed software to replace most paper-based systems for all H&S legal requirements. We are now offering a complete end-to-end solution to our clients where we provide the ultimate level of security and offer deep penetration testing by a team of ethical hackers, so you know we have everything in place to protect your organisation from cyber attacks or physical attempts to your premises.