Maximising Security with the Latest CCTV Technology Powered by AI

Today’s CCTV technology is a mix of ‘Standalone Security’ related to the post-incident mechanism and ‘Proactive Surveillance’ associated with live response. 

We only supply CCTV systems that are NDAA compliant, which protects your organisation from potential hackers. It should be noted that the USA has already banned companies that don’t comply with NDAA and the UK has just done the same in some sectors.

  • In the world of security systems, CCTV technology has advanced to blend standalone security (post-incident response) and proactive surveillance (real-time protection).
  • To ensure data security with NDAA compliance, we only supply systems that protect against potential cyber-attacks.
  • Post-incident security prevents unauthorised access to video footage, while proactive surveillance uses advanced analytics to detect and respond to potential threats (e.g. intrusions, vehicle theft, criminal damage, health and safety violations).
  • Latest technology combines HD resolution and HD analogue for enhanced facial recognition, WDR for clearer footage, and PoE for simpler installation.
  • Video Management Systems and IP cameras have powerful processing capabilities for advanced analytics and predictive analysis.

ACS is dedicated to providing the most advanced and reliable security solutions for clients.