Integrated Solutions for CCTV Systems

Effective camera systems in this day and age are widely used in establishments for security and surveillance reasons. More establishment sectors are relying on the benefits of these camera systems that is why there is an estimate that there are more cameras per person in the UK compared to other places around the world. This just shows the effectiveness of camera systems in safety and security as well as in surveillance. Types of Camera Systems. When it comes to camera systems, CCTV is the most common camera system known by most people. However, there are some types of commercial camera systems that are in the market today: Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) This camera system allows users to, as what a camera system should do, keep an eye on things that are happening in the exterior or the interior part of their property or establishment. This camera system uses analogue cameras that rely on strategic camera placement and is connected to a set of monitors through coaxial cables. Older CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) camera systems can range from a 4 camera set-up to 32 cameras at maximum and that users can add additional storage to increase the range of the CCTV system. Though lacking in the overall video quality compared to other camera systems, they do perform better in low-light conditions. To compete with other advanced camera systems today, modern CCTVs are developed to provide coloured and high-resolution displays and the ability to zoom in on an image or to track something (or someone). There are also Talk CCTVs that allow overseers to speak to an area where the camera is in range.Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television (IP CCTV) The Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television (IP CCTV) or IP camera system is a digital camera that uses megapixel technology, meaning they record in much greater detail, giving users better image quality and wider camera range. This camera system uses Network Video Recorder which means that, unlike DVR on CCTVs that uses physical hard drive storage, IP CCTVs can store information in a network that users can easily access and monitor the camera system activity wherever they are as long as they are connected to the network, in other words, remote monitoring. This set-up can both use a wired and wireless connection. Wide features of this camera system can give users great benefits such as the increasing of image resolution without changing the camera recorder, easy installation of the system, unlike the traditional CCTV set-up, high-quality zoom capabilities, and advanced motion-detection and quality adjustments features. Both camera systems have advantages and disadvantages but one must also consider what and how the system should be used. Camera locations, storage, the right kind of camera, and of course the software are very important factors one should consider when installing a camera system.  Software-wise, ACS Solutions enables integration of our advance software, such as the iMuster, to any camera system greatly improving your camera system set-up that can give smart and powerful muster reporting and assessment capabilities, asset, and personnel management, and high-volume data storage are just a few benefits you can have with this integration to your system. ACS is dedicated to improving your security and safety measures tailored to fit any sector in the community, be it public or private, we care for the safety of all.

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Product Features

HD Analog Technology. An affordable alternative to IP cameras, HD analog cameras combine powerful high definition resolution with analog CCTV technology
HD Resolution
User-friendly interface that helps to make changing of videos and questions a breeze
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
PTZ Technology

Integrated to our iMuster application