Children & Adult 'Family Hub' Centre Systems

We supply registration & reporting systems for Children & Adult Centres ‘Family Hubs’ and Nurseries that include Adults, Children, Visitor, Contractor & Staff Registration Management Systems provide easy-to-use touchscreens for self-registration that dramatically saves time and administration & provides a full site fire report either via automatic muster print-out or via our iMuster mobile application.

Our touchscreen systems allow visiting parents to quickly register and choose the activity they and their children are attending via an intuitive touchscreen system. Once the data is collected a day/week or year pass is printed and the details are recorded in the main database. This can later be scanned using a simple Barcode Reader which updates the System to show everyone from children. Adults to other Visitors/Contractors entering/leaving the building for Fire register purposes. In addition to our ‘Family Hub’ kiosk mode, we also have a nursery kiosk touch screen mode that enables the parent to either book the children in for a single day or they can be issued a pass that is issued for a selected date range, so the parent-only needs to scan the pass each time they visit.


Children-Centre-Kiosk mode for Children and adult registration

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