CCTV Camera Monitoring 24/7/365

We offer CCTV monitoring services for both long-term and rapid deployment CCTV systems for anything from just 30 days to long-term annual contracts. These systems are trusted by our clients to monitor family homes, commercial properties, building sites, power stations and high-profile government sites.

Video Analytics

We are at the forefront of testing new technologies, trialling and supporting the very latest in ground-breaking CCTV solutions, such as Artificial intelligence false alarm management, video analytics and human and vehicle detection.

Thermal Detection

Thermal monitoring can be used for a wide variety of high-risk CCTV-related fire sites or can also be used for remote temperature monitoring for food production or reading the body temperature of people entering the premises. We will consider any site and will tailor the service to meet your needs.

Alarm Monitoring

Fire and Intruder alarm monitoring is the primary active security and deterrent solution for all properties from residential to commercial protecting against the damage of an undetected fire and any potential intruders.

Alarm monitoring makes 100% sure someone will always be there ready to respond to emergencies and threats in the quickest and most professional way possible.

Out of Hours Support

We strive to provide the best service and adhere to strict response times to ensure your family, home or business is always being looked after. With an average response time for life or panic alarms of just three seconds, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.