I have AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) which has so far damaged my spine, sacroiliac & both shoulders, so I mostly live, work, eat & sleep in my bed! As I became more bed bound I started getting serious fevers on average 8-10 times a day & being a technical person I realised the only change was the close proximity of the WiFi router plus Smartphones/tablets all running on WiFi, Bluetooth & 4G! All the equipment was exposing me to EMF (Electromagnet Field) & RF (Radio Frequency)! I tested my theory by turning everything wireless off for a weekend & my fevers stopped 100%  I then purchased an EMF/RF reader so I could identify which things were causing the problems & found that the exposure was at my head area which was 9860µW/m² and the legal limit was dropped from 1000µW/m² in 2001 to 1µW/m² in 2012! So I was getting nearly 10,000 times the legal minimum for human exposure! Unfortunately due to the extended period of time until I worked out the problem, I now suffer from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity), which is now recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation)

Andy Halse
Managing Director at acs ltd

When speaking to people from all walks of life it’s clear that people are simply not aware of the dangers of wireless technology and that’s why I have shared my story, yes my life is different to an average person, however it’s accumulative, so it built up over time and the chances of getting diseases like cancer later on in life are much higher! All of this has been clinically proven by many thousands of studies, but the standards are up to 20 years old in some countries! Smartphone/device manufacturers hide legal statements regarding the EMF/RF dangers & state only to use the phone with the provided earphones or on loud speaker; they cleverly don’t say NEVER put it to your ears!  The manufacturers & the governments know the dangers, but simply will not stop it because of the revenue it brings! I tell people to do their own research about the effects of EMF/RF! When 5G hits, it will be far more difficult to hide from as it’s higher frequency, which doesn’t travel far, so repeaters are installed every 500m on lamp posts outside your home & currently, you cannot do anything about it apart from following my 10 steps to mitigate the dangers & protect yourself, family & friends by equipping yourself with effective solutions some of which are available from the link below…