I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), which triggered OA (Osteoarthritis), that meant I couldn’t sit or stand for more than 10-15min! So ended up bed bound and simply not able to do any normal things like go out for a drink or a meal or even go on holiday! The disease has damaged so much of my spine, sacroiliac and both shoulders, I now permanently live, work, eat and sleep in my bed! 

This was where the dangers of EMF and RF Radiation exposure led me to suffer from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) started as I needed to be surrounded by technology to work and watch films with my partner.

"After a relatively short period of time after being mostly bed bound with WiFi router, Smartphones/tablets all running on WiFi or 4G, I started getting serious fevers on average 8-10 times a day..."
Andy Halse
Managing Director at acs ltd

We still run our UK business and obviously needed all the technology to continue working, all of which is within a 1M area of my bed! After a relatively short period of time after being mostly bed bound I started getting serious fevers on average 8-10 times a day, which the specialists said could be from the diseases or from any of the medication and injections that I have! 

Having a very active brain, I try to slow it down at night, by watching YouTube or listening to meditations! After a while, I noticed a pattern that when I touched my iPad, I noticed that a fever would start! I started looking into possible links and it soon became apparent that the RF was causing the fevers! I turned everything off for a weekend the very next day my fevers stopped 100%.

I purchased an EMF reader so I could identify which things were causing the problems and found that my RF exposure was at my head area was 9860µW/m² and the legal limit was dropped from 1000µW/m² in 2001 to 1µW/m² in 2012! So I was getting nearly 10,000 times the legal minimum for human exposure! 

When speaking to anyone it’s clear that people are simply not aware of the dangers of wireless technology and that’s why I have shared my story, yes my life is different to an average person, however it’s accumulative, so it built up over time and the chances of getting diseases like cancer later on in life are much higher!

All of this has been clinically proven by many thousands of studies, but the standards are up to 20 years old in some countries! Smartphone manufacturers have a difficult to find a section in settings under legal and then RF and it tells you about the dangers and states only use the phone with the provided earphones or on load speaker, they cleverly don’t say NEVER put it to your ears! 

The manufacturers and the government know full well of all of the dangers, but simply will not stop it because of the revenue it brings, but what it will also bring is an incredible influx of people suffering from the effects of RF from 5G! The problem is that 5G is a higher frequency, which doesn’t travel far, so they install repeaters ever 500m on lamp posts outside your home and currently, you can NOT do anything about it!