Access Control Systems

Access control means exactly that, controlling the access of authorised and unauthorised personnel into the premises and every door that’s controlled. Good access control does this as expediently as possible.

An access control system is a sophisticated yet convenient way to protect premises or buildings by restricting access without the need for a key. In most cases, the requirements for securing a door are the same, but differences based on access permissions can often change.

We use award-winning access control systems hardware that comprises web-enabled door controller interfaces with any standard card or biometric identification readers. Integration and scalability are also key for our customers to maximize on the investment as it allows a true picture from a security perspective to see who accessed an area at what time especially when using synchronised CCTV cameras.

Access control is the central tool for ‘Time & Attendance’ as the system holds all activity on any single person at any point in time.

The last but most important part pf any access control system is the ability to know exactly who is on site in the event of an emergency where muster reporting is vital for potentially saving lives or putting lives at risk like sending a fireman into a building that’s already been cleared and everyone accounted for when using tools like our iMuster application.  

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Access Control Systems

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