ACS have developed a suite of software and hardware solutions to help organisations meet the ever growing or changes to the government H&S requirements.

We also offer a unique way to integrate onsite Safety & Security Site registrations ions for any type of site or building. We supply & commission standard card/fob Access Control systems or Finger/Face/Hand Biometric Access Control systems or Integrate with existing systems.

We also supply & commission CCTV & Fire Alarm systems to provide a single data base to ensure all site Personnel are accounted for in the event of any emergency situation...

ACS Products develop Safety & Security solutions to meet your requirements for  to ensure you meet critical H&S regulations and also ensure that you know who is on site at any one time.

We recognise for most sectors from business commercial buildings and large site applications to educational sites from Nurseries, Academies, City Technology Colleges, Comprehensive schools, Free schools, Grammar schools, Secondary modern schools, Studio schools, University Technical Colleges)

the requirements are fundamentally the same, however, each has specific needs and our standard product can simply be configured to meet your particular site requirements.

Our Total Personnel Register system is a modular system that can start with a simple Visitor, Contractor & Staff register to a complete integrated solution using site CCTV, Access Control & Fire alarm systems.  Our iMuster application offers a LIVE picture of who is safe or not and also helps the Fire Marshal to follow procedures to ensure the best possible chance of ensuring everyone safe in an emergency.

Our applications include contractor management that covers all aspects from contractor Pre-qualification to Site Induction & manages all Permits to work, Risk assessments etc to ensure your organisation is totally covered if an inspection or an accident incident where the site can prove it did everything has been documented in one system, not forgetting the vast amount of time by using traditional paper-based systems.

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Site-Building Access Control Systems
Integrated Access Control Systems
CCTV and Remote Monotoring
Visitor/Contractor Registration Solutions
iMuster is a Fire Marshal's best Tool to help in emergency evacuations.
Our Safety & Security Solutions that Save Money through Integration
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Driving technology for leading companies

ACS Products Ltd is a leading company dedicated on providing cost-effective and high-quality Safety and Security Solutions that promote ultimate protection to various companies and corporations.
With 20 years of experience in the security industry, we take pride of our solutions when it comes to functionality, ease of use and complete branding for the end user to offer a “First Impression Customer Experience.”
We deliver a wide range of security product portfolio which are designed to meet all Safety and Security requirements to ensure complete fulfillment of the critical H&S regulations

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  • 01344 771569
  • 01344 771569

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