ACS iContractor offers the best systematic approach in keeping records of all your contractor information up to date and allows Contractor Pre-Qualification of any new unregistered Contractors.

Once the chosen contractor arrive at site they simply scan the 2D barcode they recieved, which automatically sends a message to the site manager, who will meet and take the contractor through the Induction, which is completed by our iInduction application.

The entirety of this program is fully customisable to suit every specific need that a site would require.

The combination of our contractor modules, will dramatically reduce the process time, at the same time ensuring the site has every step documented with time stamped records on our main TPR Pro for every contractor.

Product Features

  • Verifiable full record history of all contractors
  • Pre-booking system
  • Pre-Qualification of contractors (saving time & ensures the contractor has the right qualification for the task!)
  • Contractor induction procedure (using low cost smart tablets)
  • Full Permit to work management
  • Contractor documentation
  • Photo ID of Contractor
  • Full list of contractors for a Fire Report
  • Contractor Notes

Key Benefits

  • H&S requirements compliance
  • Convenience in contractor/visitor registration
  • Save time be ready in advance using pre-booking system
  • Highly organized and efficient record keeping of contractors on site
  • Professional imagery of a company
  • Reliable security service
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification

How It Works!

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